Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reflections on Designing the Cover for Florence by Safri Anugerah Illahi

My role in designing the book cover I came out with the basic idea of the book cover. Of course, my team members help me up by contributing great ideas on how we should improvise the cover book.

Frankly, my team members appreciate every single idea that we up with and we discuss all the ideas and chose the best of the rest of our ideas. They appreciate and accepts my ideas because my ideas are significant and make sense in this task.

I learnt on how I should think creatively in order to design the book cover since designing itself needs some creative ideas which will make it a success. I also learnt on how important group discussion as I discussed on how to design the book cover with all my team members. Lastly, I improved my skills in Microsoft Publisher while designing this book cover.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Thoughts On Drama by Safri Anugerah Illahi

  •      I was quite unfamiliar with drama and play but I like would like to give it a try. I watched a play once and it was quite an interesting experience and I hope I will have the chance to watch other dramas again. I think there's no problem for me to spend my money on play or drama since drama is excellent and worth to spend money on.
  • Sincerely, I don't have any clue to what to expect from any drama. Well perhaps, I expect the drama will deliver a good message and yet entertaining with excellent act from the actors.
  • I love to watch movies and play and yet, it triggers my interest to be a part of those. So, I think I can be a part of play and I'm looking forward to act a play. 


Thursday, 13 October 2011

ESt Overview; by Lahung Wan

            I think we learned a lot of things from the English Studies throughout this semester. From the short stories and the poems, each of them has new aspects for us to learn and understand.

            What we learned from the literature is the literary devices that are in the short stories and poems such as personification, simile, metaphors and hyperbole. Of course, we had known these literary devices from our secondary schools but now, we study the literary or poetic devices more through and detailed. With the guidance of the lecturer who ceaselessly explains and gives examples of the literary devices, we understand and know more than what we had known from the secondary school. Learning literature now are far more different than we had before as we are taking the learning to a higher level where we need to go through the literature deeper, digging every literary and poetic devices that the short story or poem contain.

            Other than that, we also learned about the values that the short stories and poems brought. Every piece of the literature contains its own values which are left for us to explore. As we are learning the short stories and poems, we found that every pieces of the literature look at the life from various perspective.

            As a conclusion, I found that learning the literature is much fun because it need deep exploration and explanation based on references and our own understanding.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Overview of English Studies 2011 By Safri Anugerah Illahi bin Ramle

I used to study literature in secondary school and yet we found it really interesting even though others found it as ‘sleepy and bored’. Perhaps I saw it from a different perspective and from the different perspective comes a unexplainable sensation from literature. I was mesmerised by Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 when I was in secondary school and from that moment, I found out that I love literature. I am happy as I had a chance to learn English Studies because I can preserve my enthusiasm in literature.
            I learned a lot of things from this semester. For example, I was first introduced to Literary Devices and Poetic Devices as I was not given any clue about it when I was in secondary school. I found out that learning and knowing both devices is quite fruitful and very enjoyable. Perhaps learning both devices will contribute to minor headache but I take it as a challenge for me to enrich myself more in English.
            I learned a number of short stories and poems and I found it very eye-opening as the theme is about cycle of life; death, life, equality, gender discrimination and many other things. Then I know that literature is something that be used by people to express themselves in their own way. Well perhaps I can find my own way by attending English Studies.
            I hope my excitement in literature will not fade away as I know that people change by the time. Perhaps by learning English Studies, it will help me to enrich my mentality and way of thinking and also will brush up my language poetically.  

suicide note questions

  • Why do people commit suicide? Give examples in real life.
People commit suicide because they were overwhelmed by their own problems. They are stressed and cannot find solutions. For an example, in 2007, a boy hanged himself in a classroom under a fan using his blanket. He committed suicide because he was caught stealing in the hostel and his warden said all the bad things about him. Stressed and troubled by the situation, he chose to end his life.

  • What is the poet's agenda in writing the poem?
The agenda of the poet writing the poem to reveal the reality of committing suicide. The poem is about a note that a college student wrote before she committed suicide. She committed suicide because she felt that she cannot satisfy her  parents. That is her problem; people will commit suicide if they have problems that they can't solve.

  • As a teacher, what is our role in ensuring the students should not take their own life?
We should aware of the students' changes of behaviors and their problems. We should also try to understand and solve their problems because it is our role to develop their personality. A student who have a potential of having a bright future is a student who can solve his or her problems wisely. The ability can come from teachers who are willing to understand their students more than other ordinary teachers who only accomplish their job of teaching but not teaching, caring, understanding and loving. A teacher care about his or her students so that they will not choose the wrong solutions for their problems.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Difference between Three Beserah Fishermen and The Chimney Sweeper

Three Beserah Fishermen
The Chimney Sweeper
Generally shows the hardship of life of fishermen who faces a lot of obstacles such as unpredictable weather and their lack of earning.
The dream of kid who work as a chimney sweeper. The kid was considered as a slave as he was sold to their master.
The poem was written based on Malaysian environment
Place where the poem takes place
The poem was written in somewhere in Europe.
Setting for the time in this poem is dynamic which is suitable for any time.
Time setting
The poem takes place only in the years of slavery still allowed.

Monday, 3 October 2011

school days

we left school,

but the past is still there,
do you still remember?
the way we laugh,
the way we meet?
do you still remember?

we climbed little mountains together
yet there's still higher mountains to climb.
memories really grow us up
as who we are right now